FedGenius Announces Launch of Two New Federal Contracting Products

FedGenius Announces Launch of Two New Federal Contracting Products

FedGenius has announced availability of two new products, “Federal Proposal ToolBox” and “2012 Federal Infrastructure Forecast” The products are available today at http://store.fedgenius.com.

The Federal Proposal ToolBox is one of the latest additions to the FedGenius product line. This toolbox supplies construction companies, architectural firms and construction specialty trade companies with a proposal guide and templates to manage, write and submit successful technical proposals during the Request for Proposal (RFP) process.

 The ToolBox is composed of templates that contain the necessary components to thoroughly qualify for Federal business opportunities such as: technical proposal matrix, project management task spreadsheet, cover design, letter of introduction, key personnel resumes, past performance, quality control plan, safety plan, management plan, and much more.

Consumers will have access to expert intelligence tools in order to build a strong and winning proposal. The templates are well organized and easy-to-download. One of the highlighting features of the toolbox is its recyclability. The templates can be reused for any technical proposal submissions during the bidding process.

 “The ToolBox is a great way to prepare and get your proposals formatted and written without spending thousands of dollars on expert services a year,” Victoria Nguyen, Marketing Coordinator said. “The templates provided are an immense help to those who do their independent proposal writing.”

These exact templates have been the framework for proposals that have won a total of over $1 billion for past and current FedGenius clients.

Our clients also maximize their benefit from using the Federal Proposal Toolbox to bid jobs featured in FedGenius’ DOD & VA Annual Forecasts. The latest report, “2012 Federal Infrastructure Forecast” allows professionals in the vertical construction industry learn more information about Federal opportunities with the following agencies: Department of Transportation, Federal Highways Administration, Department of Agriculture-Forest Service, Department of Interior-Bureau of Reclamation, United States Fish & Wildlife Services and the National Park Service.

 The new “2012 Federal Infrastructure Forecast” covers over 500 projects valuing over $4 billion dollars. The forecast specifies projects in detail, providing geographical market overview of the infrastructure agencies, infrastructure spending trends, top competitors and current IDIQ Contract Holders, and the DOT and Infrastructure Executive Summary. The reports now provide clients with a directory of personnel contact information.

“FedGenius’ Infrastructure Forecast does an amazing job of listing the hundreds of Federal Infrastructure projects coming out this fiscal year, Matthew Kennedy, director of business development said. “It is unbelievable that one report consists of so much detailed information!”

FedGenius has spent the last five years helping companies in the general and heavy civil construction, architecture-engineering and specialty trade contractors prepare technical proposals in an effort to win more Federal business. Consistently leading their clients to 35% more federal work, the firm is dedicated to innovating new tools and methods to help business thrive in the Federal market.

For more information on these products or how FedGenius can help you in your effort to win Federal work please contact Kayla Wagner, FedGenius Public Relations Specialist, at (214) 436-4051x 112 or email kayla.wagner@fedgenius.com.

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