Federal Sales and Marketing Advisory Services

The Federal Market is the single largest market in the world – our core focus is the Department of Defense (DOD) which consumes nearly 66% of contract opportunities.  This market is so laden with opportunities that most successful Federal contractors dedicate entire sales divisions to focus on it alone.  Due to the market size, selling cycles are lengthier and contract values substantially larger than in the private sector.  Winning business in this market can become particularly challenging but lucrative.  It is paramount that companies have a strong understanding of government structure, sales processes and buying decision making.  Companies that lack such expertise will experience frustration navigating the government’s complex processes involved in properly indentifying opportunities their qualified to pursue and realistically win.

Regardless if you are new to the market or have desired growth, FedGenius is committed to assisting clients succeed in developing revenue in the Federal market.  Our company leadership has the depth of experience and breadth of relationships that allow FedGenius to provide valuable knowledge on how to approach DOD and make things happen.  Our strategy is to develop an approach that will ensure the highest likelihood of success.

Strategic Business Planning

We have a proven model that leads to new revenue based on the importance of three key elements; 1) Early Opportunity Identification, 2) Pursuit Plan and 3) Relationship building.  After exploring our client’s capabilities and experience we begin identifying contract opportunities that allow our clients a 12 to 60 month forward look, so they can determine the wisest investment for their business.   The FedGenius staff will collaborate with our client to determine specific market opportunities that will offer realistic revenue gains while weighing the investment risk involved, Next, FedGenus develops a detailed plan to pursue those opportunities to ensure our client has taken the necessary steps to be prepared to compete and win.  Lastly, FedGenius provides assistance to our clients to define the most advantageous strategic alliances within the Federal Government as well as the private sector in order to leverage their existing ability to win.

Federal Sales and Marketing Professional Career Development Training

FedGenius also provides comprehensive training programs and collateral to our clients upon request.  We recognize the value delivered to a client that has the ability to self-perform an effective federal sales and marketing practice.  Our team can enhance your company’s understanding of how to win Federal business by transferring our knowledge to your team.  We tailor our training to meet your needs no matter how basic or advanced our clients desire we can continue to exceed our client’s expectations.

Federal Sales and Marketing Human Capital Management Consulting

Because of the significant experience and knowledge of our team, FedGenius is able to bring a multi-faceted approach to almost any issue facing a government contractor. One of the obstacles many companies face when pursuing the Federal market is developing the human resources qualified to develop business as well as having qualified professionals with the right Federal experience and qualifications to help win and perform contracts.  When bidding federal contract opportunities, your proposed key personnel will be critical to your team’s success   FedGenius provides valuable insight and guidance to assisting our client’s ability to recruit qualified resources that deliver functional value to developing Federal Business or managing Federal Contract field operations on or off site.  Our broad spectrum of knowledge in the Federal market can assist our clients in acquiring the very best professionals in Business Development, Construction Management and Architectural-Engineering.

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