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Our Expertise

Since 2006 – FedGenius has been providing GSA Schedule Proposal Development and Advisory Services with a 100% Success Rate. 

Today’s Federal Marketplace has plenty of opportunity but a key element to ensuring your company achieves the desired revenue gains you seek is limiting the pool of competition, establishing buyer’s confidence and creating preferred contracting vehicles.

Point 1: Validate

Validate your company as a credible source for the Government to purchase your services or products.  When your company submits your GSA Schedule proposal – your corporate experience, resources and pricing will be evaluated.  An award will simply communicate to all buyers that your company offers fair and reasonable pricing, qualified resources with proven past performance – translation your company is a trusted source for the Government to do business with.

Point 2: Create

Create a contracting vehicle with access to limited pool of competition.  On average GSA procures about $40 Billion annually in products and services utilizing only GSA Schedule Contractors.  This market can only be pursued by GSA Schedule Holders and is not accessible in the open market.   Your company will have access to Federal, State and Local Government opportunities, including college/university institutions  – shrink competition; increased opportunity equals new revenue realized.

Point 3: Allow

Allow the government to do business with you in a simplified acquisition process via the GSA Schedule which is increasingly becoming the preferred method.  It is becoming an overwhelming task for Government Contracting personnel to prepare, solicit, award and manage requirements – the GSA Schedule makes the process streamlined and efficient for buyers.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide your company the technical expertise necessary to help your company receive a GSA Schedule award in a timely manner.  We will assign a Principal Consultant to your account that will collaborate with you to communicate the requirements, develop technical narratives and manage the entire project.  Our level of involvement varies from handling almost the entire scope of work involved in developing your GSA Schedule submission to just providing advisory services based on your needs.  Contact FedGenius today to schedule a free initial GSA Schedule consultation.


The FedGenius Staff has experience to providing services for the following GSA Schedules:
Schedule Title 2011 Spending
03 FAC Facilities Maintenance and Management Services $440 Million
56 Buildings and Building Materials (Services/Supplies) $570 Million
70 General Purpose Information Technology (Equipment, Software and Services) $15 Billion
71 / 72 Furniture, Furnishings and Floor Coverings $1.6 Billion
84 Total Solutions for Law Enforcement, Security, Facility Mgt. Systems, Fire, Rescue and Disaster Response $2.6 Billion
736 Temporary Administrative and Professional Staffing Services (TAPS) $126 Million
871 Professional Engineering Services $2.9 Billion
874 Logistics $5 Billion
899 Environmental Services $500 Million

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